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2010년 3월 23일 화요일

[Revised]First letter from ALL-M to Lunians in U.S.A

First letter from ALL-M to Lunians in U.S.A

-To celebrate a large updates on 3/25


Hello to all Lunians in America, Im Sean the project manager of Record of Lunia war.

This is first time to say hello to American users. We always try to make Record of Lunia war better
by communicating with users. There are many ways to communicate with users in Korea. But its
kind of difficult to communicate with users abroad. Lack of communication channel could be one
of reason. But I hope American users to know that I am trying to and wanting to communicate with
you for all time. This would be my first letter to users in America.

The record of Lunia war, always evolving with your idea

Every week we receive user report from NHN USA and all the team managers in Lunia Project
have a meeting about this. This user report is based on user community in America.
And we review it and check if there are any problem or good suggestions for our game.
If there is a good suggestion we put it in our development schedule. And also sometimes
we find out some problems from user report which we couldnt find out in usual monitoring
process we have.

On 2009, we developed a lot of new systems which was updated in America on Feb.
Main updated systems are <Market system> for a better item exchange between users,
<Equipment swap system> to solve inconvenience of users for using two
equipment sets (Normal and Myth). Lager and categorized inventory,
<Improved myth stage design>, <Damage meter tool> to see how much stronger you get.
 <Improved result and probability of Fortification, Light fortification, Identify>.
Most of these systems were suggested by users.
Unfortunately, there is certain stream of Record of Lunia war development.
Therefore, sometimes even a lot of users want, we cant develop it right away.
In this case we put it in our further development schedule. Because every suggestions
 and opinions users wrote is valuable to us.

Dark Eir is available for everyone

There is going to be a great patch for users. Our new character Dark Eir will be able to
create without buying license card or completing quest. For last few patches we tried
to make character not cash item but contents. Effort of this try, we have tried to set some 
of new character to be free to create for a month and set some characters
with license card with price tag less than a cents. 
By implementing various different models targeting different regions of Lunia game service,
we were try to get answer by watching how users react.
Character could be a great content but for some reasons,
it had to be a cash item or reward for hard quest.
Therefore it couldnt be a game content for everyone. We finally made it into content,
this time. Dark Eir is for everybody, therefore we put extra care on this one.
We hope all of you to enjoy our new character, Dark Eir

Better performance of Record of Lunia war

Less lag and low frame

We been trying to reduce lag and frame drop during 2009. And to solve this problem,
we added automated live report for lag and Low Frame. We completed to tag automated
 logging valuables within game client and servers which will report us when
and which elements of games causes client and servers lag and low frame.

Based on this system, we will continue to try lower client and system lag for
users pleasant gaming environment.

About a week ago, we shoot Developers planning movie 2010 Mar-Jun.
It might be on when you read this letter. We are keep having a meeting
and brainstorming to make Record of Lunia war more fun and exciting on 2010.
If you want to know more about our developing plan on 2010, Please check 
our Developers planning movie 2010 Mar-Jun

<Developers planning movie 2010 Mar-June>

Your opinions and suggestions are always welcome, so dont hesitate to give it to us.
 We will keep try to communicate with you and looking forward for your reply.
Thank you


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